Stand Alone

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Stand Alone

Your Eyes On Me
Your Eyes On Me
Your Eyes On Me
Your Eyes On Me
Othello On The Beat

I Was Just Gonna Go In And Just Do Typical Bars And Shit Like That,
But It Felt,
I Haven’t Dropped Anything For So Long,
So I Had To Do This Verse,

360 Is Officially Back Again
I Hate That
It Makes Me Feel Embarrassed
How Many Times In Life Am I Gonna Have To Say That?
So I Get It If Everybody Is Questionin’
I Guess The Lesson Is Nothing Is Ever Definite
‘Stead Of Feeling Pathetic And Hoping That You Will Get It
I’m Needing You All To Know That I’m Really Putting Some Effort In
Last Year,
Spent Four Months Away
Had A Ball But Never Felt More Fucking Pain
It Was All Such A Maze,
They Taught Me How To Walk Unafraid
Never Thought That I Would Talk Unashamed
The People,
Never Met Some More Loving Mates
But Classic,
I Always Go And Force Love Away
I Thought It’d Be All Fun And Games
I Got Out With Melbourne Lockdown Like A Fourth Hunger Games
I’m Doing Better Now,
Know And Be Aware
That The Next Part Is Something That I Wrote While I Was There
I Was Scared,
Feeling Hopeless For The Fact
I’d Go From Living The Dream And Then Go To Being There
Hospital Telling Me It’ll Make Or Break Me
I’m Saying,
“Maybe It’s The Breaks That Make Me”
All These Paranoid Thoughts,
It Made Me Crazy
I Was Literally Thinking That All My Mates All Hate Me
Had To Work Through The Issues That I Was Facing Daily
As I Was Fade Away I Was Doubting There’s Any Way To Save Me
Ain’t Religious At All,
I Used To Detest It
But I’m So Desperate That It’s Even Got Me Praying Lately
Lost Friends Who I Thought Gave A Fuck About Me
Know My Vices,
Openly Doing Drugs Around Me
What That Feels Like Made Me Realise
The Only Ones That’ll Understand Me’s My Fucking Family
I Gotta Keep Going, Yo,
I Ain’t Finished Yet
Can’t Believe That I’m Dealing With All The Shit Again
Cutting Ties With Another One Of My Biggest Friends
Now I Get The Meaning Of With You Until The Bitter End
If You’re Discontent,
You Need To Go And Fix It Then
Or Else A Bitter Friend Will Be Turning Into Your Biggest Threat
You Can Tell Somebody’s True Intentions
When People Are Giving You Attention,
They Can’t Help But Interject
There’s More To Life Than Fame And Being A Big Success
You Pissed Off ‘Cause I Haven’t Made You Better Yet?
I Helped You Grow Into A King And Yet
Instead Of Rolling With It You Focus On What You Didn’t Get
Like Your Deserving Of This Shit Instead
I’m Only Tolerating A Certain Level Of Disrespect
We Both Carried The World On Our Shoulders
I Put My In My Palms While Yours Turned Into A Chip Instead
My Psychologist Made An Observation
I Don’t Just Hate It,
I’m Afraid Of Confrontation
Lettin’ Shit Slide ‘Cause I Hate The Complication
Never Nip It In The Conversation
Gave An Ultimatum,
I Can’t Believe That I Tolerated
It’s My Fault, How Many Times Am I Gonna Take It?
Held For Ransom For Shit I Couldn’t Afford
But It Was More For The Fact That I Couldn’t Afford Not To Pay It
For Me To Fight Though Is So Rare
I’m Laidback And Carefree But It Doesn’t Mean That I Don’t Care
Any Conflict I Prefer To Not Go There
When I Fucking Snap It’s Like It’s Coming From Nowhere
I Was Naive Thinkin’ That You’re A Friend Of Mine
But You Were Naive Thinkin’ I Wouldn’t Ever Find
Out That You Were Stealing While I Was Living A Messy Life
Like I’d Never Notice ‘Cause I Was Too Busy Getting Blind “Othello On The Beat”
Now I Get It Why You’d Never Mind
Then You’d Try Something So Offensive I Couldn’t Even Let It Slide
Made Me Choose Between You And My Family
That Choice And I’m Choosing Family Every Time
How It’s Something I Regret
Got An Email Asking If We’d Be Comfortable As Friends
Fuck No,
How You Thinkin’ We’d Be Wonderful Again?
Bitch, You Stole From Me,
What The Fuck Did You Expect?
Now I’m Glad That We’re Coming To An End
Always Gave You Nothing But Respect
Use The Greet People With Open Arms But The Trust In Me Is Wrecked
‘Cause Of You There Is Nothing But A Fence,
I’m Lucky I’m Not Dead
All These Voices Stuck Up In My Head
Drank So Many Spirits So No Wonder I’m Possessed
‘Stead Of Jumping Off The Edge,
I Was Stumbling And Beggin’
For You To Lend Me A Hand,
But You’d Encourage Me Instead
It’s Like Life Is Chewing Me Out
I’m Sorry That That’s Become What All My Music’s About
Fighting Every Day To Get Back To My Usual Self
I’m Still Alive,
What The Fuck Am I Doing In Hell?
With That Said,
I’ve Been Out Of Line A Lot
Broke A Girl’s Heart,
It Shattered Mind To Watch
She Deserves Happiness
In Order To Be Havin’ It She Really Needs To Have What I Am Not
Sick Of Sabotagin’ Jobs
Sick Of Being Unhappy,
But More Sick Of Actin’ Like I’m Not
Thought I Could See The Beauty In This Life
Displaying My Ugliness Like It’s A Beautiful Disguise
Such A Wreck,
Spent Weeks In My Fucking Bed
And I’m Still Feeling Like I’ve Underslept
I Gotta Give It Everything,
Nothing Less
Please Know That I’ll Keep Going Until There’s Nothing Left

Keep “Woo”
Your Eyes On Me
Keep “Shit Gets The Blood Pumping, You Know?”
Your Eyes On Me “Hectic Shit, Haha”
Your Eyes On Me
Your Eyes On Me
Othello On The Beat