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So Ten Years Ago I Dropped This Little Thing Called Rapper Tag.
I Didn’t Think It Would Do That Much,
But It Ended Up Getting Some Of The Biggest Names In Hip-Hop In Australia Involved.
Um… It Was Epic,
It Was-It Was Awesome.
And It’s Ten Years Later Now So There’s A Whole New Generation Of Artists And I Feel Like Bringing It Back…
It’s Gonna Be Super Exciting To See Who Gets Tagged Because Being An Old Head Now,
I See Other Old Heads Say Aw,
These New Dudes Don’t Rap Like They Used To Back In My Day.
You Know, That Kinda Mentality.
Like They Don’t Have Bars,
But I Disagree With That Sentiment,
I Think They Do And I Think We Can Showcase That.
So, The Way It Works Is: I’ll Drop A Verse-Verses-Tag Someone At The End,
They Come In,
Tag Someone At The End, So On And So Forth.

Yeah “Let’s Fuckin’ Go”
From A Country Where Rap Was Hardly Accepted “Yep”
Tell People What You Do And They Crack Up Laughin’,
Forget It
We Smoked The Gatekeepers, Broke In, Took It All
Now We Lookin’ Back In The Scene In The Maserati We Fled In “Skrt Skrt”
Try To Keep It Up,
But That Is Hard With Depression “It Is”
When All You See Is Downs Like A Grammar Nazi On Reddit “Damn”
You’ll See And End “Cnn” Bringing Me To Ya Rep “Media Rep”
That’ll Have You Leaving Depressed Like A Paparazzi With Ethics “Ooh”
Fight With Us And You’re Likely To Bite The Dust
Get Snapped In Half In A Second Like Thanos Part Of Avengers
Go Places You Won’t Like An Oasis “Yeah”
Gettin’ So Famous I’m Forgettin’ What My Own Name Is “Haha”
My Girl So Dangerous,
Took The Tip Quicker Than A Broke Waitress With No Patience “Hadouken”
You Keep On Wishin’ You Were In The Streets
“Yeah” “Wishin’ You Were In The Streets”
The Streets You’re Livin’ In Is In A Dream
Never Forget It’s Like The Letterman Set
The Late Night Shootin’ That You’ve Seen Your Cities In Is In A Screen “Wow”
The Battle Rapper,
It Must Be Hidden Inside Me “It Is”
Bring That Old 60’s Jumpin’ In To Remind Me
I’m Just A Kid From The ’90s,
Carry On The Project
Breakin’ Youse “Breaking News” Down With A Fuckin’ City Behind Me “Wow”
Pavin’ The Way To Make Australian’s Idol
Pick A Name And A Date; I Guarantee I’m Takin’ The Title
And I’ll Be Straight To The Finals “Uh”,
All About The Business
Get The Bag Up Front Then I Go Straight Through Arrival “Damn”
Yeah, Motherfuckin’ 3-6 “Who?”
Rapper Tag 2021,
Beat Switch

Round Two. I Had To Do Some Shit Like This “Aw Shit”.
Six! I Just Had To, Mate
“Hehehe, Let ‘Em Fuckin’ Know, Cause”.
“Laughter” “Let ‘Em Know”

I Want Rap To Be A Sport Again; I’m Bored Of ‘Em
I War With ‘Em All And Force All Of ‘Em Into Forfeitin’ “Forfeit, Mate”
Like Joe Biden When He’s Talkin’ With His Audience
But When He Slips Up It’s Unfortunate That It’s Freudian “Shoryuken”
See Ya’s Postin’ Up,
Never Been A Street Team
Want A Sixty Inch? I Got Everythin’ Your Screen Needs
When Sendin’ ‘Em A Dp Up The Settings Of Your Tv “Why?”
All My Lower Pics’ll Have Her Beggin’ For The 3d “Ouch” “Outstanding”
You’re Forever Dense “For Evidence”,
No Affidavit “Affidavit”
You Play A Part “Play Up Art” Like You’re Sellin’ Paintings
Tracks Thumpin’ Like Saddle Blazers
60 Back Buzzin’ Like A Rattlesnake Is
Hella Faded And Celebratin’ His Accolades
I Allocated,
If It’s Platinum-Plated Then I Had To Take It “Damn”
Legends Don’t Have To Be Dead “Nope”,
I Am Living Proof “Yeah”
Never Had A Single Handout But I Had Shit To Prove
Wrote The Blueprint But Had To Be The Builder Too
Got Them Platinum Plaques Without Eatin’ From A Silver Spoon
They Wanna Gamble Over Covid-19
And Ten Is “Antennas” Too Much So We Go With 5 G’s
Had ‘Em Jumpin’ Since The Start
Gettin’ Youngins Into Bars Like A Phoney Id,
Look “It’s Lit!”
I’m So Excited And So Enlightened And Open-Minded
Went And Caught The Coronavirus So I Could Go And Try It
Then Go To China Where I Wrote A Pilot,
Wait “Shh”
That’s A Moment Silence For Kobe Bryant
Now You Get The Sober 6,
I Was Basically Alone
With Different Cases Of Corona Way Before This Covid Shit

“Haha!” Round Three.
“Revving Onomatopoeia” Get The Fuckin’ Rev Shit On “Hoo, Hoo, Hoo, Hoo, Hoo”.
Gotta Do It All.

Ayy “Let’s Go”
Man, I’m Back In This Bitch “I’m Back” “Yeah” “Bitch”
It’s The Moment I Sobered Up For “Sobered Up For”
But It Has To Be Big “Has To”
This Shit’ll Make Covid Fuck All “Yeah”
You Should See What My Dm’s Like “You Should”
That Ain’t Something You’re Old Enough For “Nah”
Been Studyin’ The Ps5
‘Cause We Now Know How To Control The Buzz More “Let’s Go”
Amazin’ To Watch “Watch”
I Came For The Spot,
I Ain’t Gonna Stop
Ignorin’ Whatever They Said “Yeah”
I’m All About Gettin’ Ahead, Man,
I Came For The Top “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”
I Don’t Need Medicine; I Can Recover From Anything
They Say I May Be A God “God”
Doctor Keep Tellin’ Me I’m Gettin’ Parkinson’s
All I Keep Doin’ Is Shakin’ It Off
Bars In Lockdown,
I Ain’t Leavin’ The Pen
And A Genie Has Said I Got Three Of ‘Em Left
And I Need To Address And Release All The Stress
At A Festival,
That’s How I Need An Event “Yeah”
I’m Knowin’ That’s It’s Easier Said Than Done
They Never Want It With A Demon Who Gets It Done
They All Walk Around,
They Wanna Talk To Kings
Till They Saw The Crown Of The Elected One “Woo”
Know I Need To Work On My Timing
Every Damn Meeting I Happen To Be Late Again
“Every Time” Your Minds In The Gutter
If You Don’t Think Of Money When You Hear The Word Atm
“You Dirty Fuck” Workin’ A Lot
In The Floors In My Home That I Had To Rearrange Again
Had To Go And Tear It All Down
And Build It Up When The Attic’s In The Basement,
Damn “Damn”
Kitties Wanna Rob My Stash “Stash”
Silly With The Dosh Like That “Woo”
All They Ever See
Is The Money And The Fame And They Say They Want A Job Like That
But You’re Not Like Matt Or The Coffin’ll
Cut Your Story Short,
It’ll Fit You In A Plot Like That
Buy You A Larger Coffin
Put Varnish On It, Yeah,
I’m Finishin’ The Job Like That “Yeah”

Woo. Vanilla Gorilla.
So I’m Taggin’ In Nerve “Aw, Shit!”.
Absolute Beast “Yeah, Get ‘Em!” Yeah.
Rapper Tag Season 2,
Game On.
Vanilla Gorilla.