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“Feat. Pez”

They Got Us All Wondering In A Brain Fog
Cause We Been Brainwashed Since Day Dot
And While We Face Off To Be Their Servants
They Just Sit Behind The Curtains And They Play God And Then Wonder Why We
Come Through Like “Fuck You” Cause They’re The Only Words That Cut Through
Course Are Views Become Skewed When All We Ever Get Is Untruths
So You Living Here In A World That’s So Unjust It’s Hard To Adjust To
But We Just Do,
Something We Can’t Undo
It’s At The Point Where Everybody’s Gone Insane
I Try To Tell ‘Em But It’s All In Vain
I’m Thinking Maybe We Were Born This Way
Cause There’s Always Been This Sufferin’ On Mother Earth That’s Undeserved,
In Other Words
We All Been In Turmoil Ever Since Our Birth On The Hurt Soil
It’s Come To A Head Now,
But Still We Can’t Seem To Get Out
Because In Our Mind We Been Locked Here Inside With This Heave-Ho With Our Ego
They Like Keep Hopin’ We’ll Decode But We Don’t
I Really Thought We’re About Some Sort Of Spiritual Awakenin’
I’m Tryna Figure If It’s For Real Or If We’re Fakin’ It
I Just Wanna Know If It’s A Miracle Or Make Believe
We Do We All Still Feel So Imprisoned If We’re Breakin’ Free

Steepled Fingers
Ring Leaders
Queue Jumpers
Rock, Fist, Paper, Scissors
Lingered Fluffers
The Choir

They Ask Me What’s My Goal,
Then They Like “What The Fuck?”
Cause I Don’t Want The Crown,
For Me That’s No Enough
I Can See The Future,
I’m The Best That’s Ever Livin’
And I Got Four Years,
That’s Twenty-Twenty Vision
You See This Rap Shit’s What I’m Made For,
Give The Fans What They Paid For
Hit The Ground And I Transform,
This Shit Here’s What I Trained For
Keep Rising,
I Stay Strong,
Keep Fighting,
I Pace On
Cause I Realise That That Hate’s From,
It’s Just Having What They Want
Always ‘Member Where I Came From,
Never Tellin’ Me To Stay Calm
If They Lacking I Don’t Wait For ‘Em,
I Just Move Ahead And Then I Pray For ‘Em
Listen To ‘Em When They Make Songs And
It’s Got Me Thinking Where The Taste Gone
We Can Be The One To Take On And
We’ll Go To Where These Rappers Ain’t Gone
See They Don’t Want You Winning,
They Really Love To Talk
That’s What We Used To Do,
Start Screamin’ Fuck ‘Em All
So Here’s The Best Advice,
Tell ‘Em That You Love ‘Em All
That’s What We Exercise,
The Best Reply Is None At All

Steepled Fingers
Ring Leaders
Queue Jumpers
Lingered Fluffers
(The Choir)

Steepled Fingers
Ring Leaders